Is it a functional kit or some type of art?

Maybe both. This is a multi-disciplinary project around art, technology, urbanism, and sociology (read our statement).There are different levels of functionality in the prototypes that we made for the three scenarios within Not Another Tool (Internet ‘in’ Things, Packer, and Pigeon).

Do these devices really work?

Not yet. But their functionality is completely possible based on the available technological knowledge we have. Though functionality was less concern of our group, one can say they are designed proposal deliberating over technical knowledge and considerations. And remember just as we say in the name “Not another tool”, this project is not about functionality.

What are you up to?

We sought for emphasizing the importance of this design opportunity and use the pattern of the recent street movements to explore how designers can play a role in this conversation of social movement or specifically street protest (read our statement).

How does it help people?

It does (we hope) indirectly and over time. Not Another Tool is an incremental step alongside a couple of others for a future bigger-scale action toward a more civilized commuinity .

Will this project be on Kickstarter?

I do not have plans to kickstart this project (at least for now). I made this project as the next sequence of a series of projects done by other designers to spark debate about the various aspects of these types of projects. I want to help encourage other designers to join the conversation and pay attention to this design opportunity which is less touched by artists, designers, and independent developers.

Who is the subject of protection in this project?

Those who protests against a powerful organization, institution, etc. Those who doesn’t have [enough] institutional resources. Those who are desperate. In most cases ordinary people.